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All About The Skin



Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion for sun damaged skin


After 3 treatments done biweekly

Everyone's skin is different, and will require its own personal regimen. Some skin types may progress quicker, while others may take a little more time.

Please keep in mind results may vary.

Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion for sun damaged skin on the body.


There is a significant difference in the clients skin texture, the fine lines & bags around her eyes have improved, & her skin is more radiant.


Before 1st micro

After 1st micro

The clients fine lines on his forehead have softened


Glycolic Peels

My client was concerned with the changes in her skin. Her pores were enlarged, she had problems with acne, and her skin was oily, yet extremely dehydrated. We were able to manage her skin problems with glycolic peels and a proper at home care routine.

The acne on her forehead cleared up


After a series of glycolic peels we were able to diminish the appearance of his acne scars.

Before the 1st peel her skin appeared dull/unhealthy with a rough texture. The fine lines around her eyes we're very noticeable, and her skin tone was uneven.

By the 3rd peel her skin became brighter, with a healthier glow. Her fine lines and skin texture have softened, and her skin tone has a more even appearance.


Acne Prone Skin